Over the past few months, DG AeroTEC has been busy developing the Volocopter’s new structure to initiate a serial production for our customer e-volo. Volocopter 2X will not only be a modification of its prototype VC200. It will be more than just an adaptation of the structure: We have newly developed all sections – from top to bottom. The fuselage’s new shape and the new rotor section could take advantage of numerous design improvements and received individual solutions. Experience gained during the prototype testing played a decisive role in this development process. In December 2016, DG Flugzeugbau has started milling the production tools. Our set of molds for a Volocopter 2X contains more than 200 parts! Currently DG is already producing parts for serial number 2 of Volocopter’s first series. The new construction has previously achieved first positive results as the first components have passed static load tests. During the coming months we will continue to work hard in order to finish additional Volocopter units as soon as possible, for test flights and to be presented during demo flights.

The first Volocopter has recently been exposed at the Aero 2017 in Friedrichshafen.



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