Red Bull Air Race Pilot Matt Hall was visiting DG during the last 10 days to conduct modifications on his race plane. After his MXS was grounded by the end of 2016’s season, Matt was forced to jump on a new aircraft. His new machine is an Edge540 and arrived for the second race in 2017. Since then, the main focus is on getting used to the plane and conduct modifications to make it faster!



DG already produced a set of winglets and sent them to Zivko during manufacture of the aircraft in winter 2016/2017. Although the Edge540 has now been here for 10 days only, we were able to do lots of aerodynamic testing and conducted minor modifications.



The next Red Bull Air Race will take place at the Lausitz Ring in Germany on September 16th and 17th. We are curious about the upcoming races and wish Matt and his Team lots of success!

Smoke On – Matt!!!





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