Paint testing on the old LS8 winglets by A. Darlington

In order to improve the LS8’s performance we have designed new winglets for our popular glider. Within this project, DG Aerotec was responsible for the dimensioning of the structure. They also compiled CAD data to design the production tools. Johannes Dillinger, who had very successfully calculated winglets for Red Bull Air Race pilots Matt Hall and Matthias Dolderer, laid out the aerodynamics.





The outcome is a 50cm winglet with a tapered planform. Robert Schröder, standard class pilot on the German national team, has successfully tested the winglets throughout several contests and championships. At the end of the soaring season, the enhanced performance was subsequently confirmed during the Idaflieg’s summer meeting.



Compared to the LS8 flying with the old winglet design the LS8 neo shows the following characteristics:


  • Reduction of flow separation on the outer wing
  • Reduced induced drag
  • Increase of roll rate / handling qualities
  • Insensitive to banking
  • Considerable performance increase in slow flight
  • May fly with a higher wing loading
  • Considerable increase of glide ratio in straight flight according to Idaflieg survey


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