The aerodynamic upgrade of a racing aircraft for the Red Bull Air Race Team „Matt Hall Racing“ posed quite a new challenge on DG Aerotec. The focus of our efforts on the MXS-R was the winglet layout and adjustment for the racing aircraft.

Based on the analysis of measurement results taken on different racing courses, we compiled a detailed specification sheet for the further development:

  • Increase of lift at the wing
  • Structural connection to the airplane with special respect to the enormous g-loads
  • Reduction of induced drag
  • Maintaining of maneuverability and agility
  • Compliance with regulations

After DG Composites had built the winglets, they underwent an extensive test schedule. The winglets had to be flown in all sorts of flight attitudes so we could later evaluate the results of the airplane’s sensor system.

The outcome was a huge improvement of flight characteristics and performance. The aircraft is now able to fly faster turns under high g-loads. First flights under racing conditions already showed a significantly shorter lap time.

At first go, Matt Hall won the title of runner-up at the world championship. A significant improvement looking back at the previous season. Based on the experience gained and the successful completion of this project, Matthias Dolderer has authorized our company to design winglets for his Edge 540.




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