Sailplane Projects



LS8 neo Winglets

In order to improve the LS8’s performance we have designed new winglets for our popular glider. Within this project, DG Aerotec was responsible for the dimensioning of the structure. They also compiled CAD data to design the production tools. Johannes Dillinger, who...




Projects in Red Bull Air Race



Winglets for Racing Aircraft MXS-R

The aerodynamic upgrade of a racing aircraft for the Red Bull Air Race Team „Matt Hall Racing“ posed quite a new challenge on DG Aerotec. The focus of our efforts on the MXS-R was the winglet layout and adjustment for the racing aircraft. Based on the analysis of...

Winglets for MD21 Racing

After we had successfully designed the winglets for Matt Hall’s MXS-R, Matthias Dolderer asked us to calculate new winglets for his Zivko Edge540. We already knew the specification sheet, which correlated with the previous project. However with this aircraft we had to...

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