DG-AeroTEC-VisionenThe Volocopter is an innovative aerial vehicle powered by 18 small rotors and filled with many innovative ideas. As key partner DG-Group is responsible for its development and construction plus the approval of the framework.



Main Characteristics of the Volocopter:

  • The Volocopter is designed and certified as a micro light aircraft. As it does not comply with any existing aircraft category, we are developing a new aircraft category in cooperation with the German Microlight Organization (Deutscher Ultraleichtflug Verband – DULV). This includes the design specifications as well as the definition of licensing and training of future Volocopter pilots.
  • Framework, energy- and performance-balance are calculated for a crew of two pilots. A maximum take-off weight of  450kg is required.
  • The Volocopter is powered by 18 engines. Each propulsion unit consists of an electric engine, a propeller and a battery. Each one is regulated by an individual sensor and a controller. Redundancy is thus ensured. In case of three out of 18 engines quitting, the Volocopter shall still be able to safely touch down.
  • The regulation of the Volocopter is managed by controlling the power output, resp. speed regulation of individual propulsion units. Torque balance is achieved by the rotors’spinning into different directions.
  • To begin with, the flight time with one load cycle will be 20 minutes. With the next generation of batteries, which is currently developed, and helped by a hybrid propulsion system, the flying time shall be stretched out up to one hour.

The potential purposes of use will be flexible. Besides recreational flying we are aiming for commercial use e.g. as air taxi in large cities or for reconnaissance and monitoring flights.

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